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Ancol: Dreaming of Blue Skies

Rainy season has officially arrived in Jakarta, after a prolonged dry season which rendered a lot of parks and gardens in the city brown and barren. Those which received a regular watering schedule, either from the city government or from local community associations, fared slightly […]


Belitung through My Phone

  Have you ever wondered whether or not you should bring your camera before leaving the house for a trip? And when your decision is to go without it have you ever regretted it? This happened to me on a company outing almost two years […]


A Day of Retreat at Stanley

From Hong Kong Island’s heavily-indented southern coastline a sleepy town called us in on a chilly winter night. The double-decker bus that we took meandered through winding, narrow roads, dimly lit by street lamps, while houses and apartments were occasionally sighted from the bus’ window. […]


Candidasa: A Lesson for All

Palm trees fill both sides of Bali’s eastern coast road, with small puras – Balinese Hindu temples – occasionally popping out amid modest houses, a scenic setting for a juxtaposition of bucolic scenes and modern twists. It bears little resemblance to the raunchy atmosphere of […]


An Afternoon at Shek O

Hong Kong Island is a small piece of land constantly bustling with round-the-clock activities, keeping its inhabitants living a fast-paced life. It is where new skyscrapers are built, often over the rubble of older ones, to continuously change the face of one of Asia’s economic […]


A Day Without Temples in Jogja

Borobudur? Magnificent. Prambanan? Elegant. Plaosan? Mysterious. The ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples of Java are still the biggest draw for most visitors to Jogja. Arguably the Javanese cultural capital, the city boasts some of the biggest and most elaborate ancient temples in Indonesia, and perhaps […]


Nusa Lembongan: Small Island, Big Allure

Massive waves break onto a narrow niche on a limestone cliff, producing a dramatic swash with a merciless, thundering sound. A thin wisp of ocean spray dampens everything on the shore. Devil’s tears, aptly named for its daunting showcase of Mother Nature’s raw power on […]


Lombok Beaches Part 1: Changing Faces

“This is how Kuta Bali might have looked like decades ago,” James expressed his concern over the more well-known Kuta when we arrived at the other Kuta in Bali’s neighboring island of Lombok. I nodded, agreeing after witnessing myself what reckless mass tourism has done […]


In Search of The True Bali

Throngs of upscale fashion boutiques, fancy restaurants, and trendy clubs fill the streets of Seminyak – one of Bali’s liveliest areas north of the raunchy scenes of Kuta and Legian. However some might find it hard to feel the tranquility and the laidback atmosphere of […]


Bali: Revisited

It was not until last October that I finally stepped on the world famous island of Bali for the first time. Since then, like many other people who have visited Bali, I have made a love affair with the island. However, unlike the first visit, […]