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Shamian Island: The Perfect Conclusion

Elegant French and British colonial buildings abound. Manicured garden, European street lamps, artistic benches and patterned cobblestone courtyard outspread under shady old tress. Statues of a photographer, a group of children with their teacher, two pairs of Asian and European children, a fat lady, a […]


When A Stranger Saves The Day

Towering karst peaks, a lake and two pagodas were the things I used to think of whenever someone mentioned the name Guilin. To some of my friends Guilin is one of the cities in China they most want to visit, thanks to its legendary picturesque […]


Walking The Dragon’s Backbone

In a drizzling afternoon we arrive at the entrance to the village of Dazhai to see the famous Longji Rice Terraces. Nestled between mountains and hills with small, rocky rivers carving their way through the deep valleys, this place is a perfect escape from the […]


Inspired by Xingping

In a dimly-lit wooden room with a window looking to the darkness outside, we find our place to stay in a small Chinese town called Xingping. Two men are busy working downstairs, starting to build something with red bricks and mortar. It is already past […]