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Angkor Wat: Built to Impress

It was a cloudy afternoon on our third day in Siem Reap and we were on our way to a massive 12th-century temple in a forest-studded setting. Earlier in the morning when the weather was ideal for photography, we paid a visit to the Roluos […]


Baphuon: A Puzzle No More

In the beginning of the 11th century CE, the Khmer Empire plunged into yet more internal strife which saw a protracted conflict to determine the rightful claimant to the throne. It began during the reign of Jayavarman V, the son of Rajendravarman II who became king […]


Banteay Srei: Poetry in Stone

It’s amazing, and scary, to think of what our hands are capable of doing. They slap, they punch, they stab, they fire a gun, they molest, they hurt. But they also write, they cook, they sculpt, they caress, they play music, they paint, they create. […]


Smitten with Siem Reap

The Defeat of Siam. Quite a name for a place situated not too far from the border with Siam – modern-day Thailand – itself. Imagine if there was a city in France called La Défaite de l’Allemagne (The Defeat of Germany). That would have caused […]


Great to See You Again, Cambodia!

Eleven years ago, in my early years of blogging, I went on a whirlwind trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam in just one week. Back in those days, I was focused on seeing as many countries as possible despite the brief time off from work […]


Puncak: Jakarta’s Lush Backyard

As he carefully navigated the bends and twists of this mountain pass through thick fog that drastically reduced visibility, he kept murmuring wow and phew, being both perplexed and relieved every time he managed to conquer a sharp turn. My father was at the steering […]


A Ride to the Past

I love trains. Take a metro system, and you’ll be whisked to other parts of a city much faster than if you drive a car. Hop aboard an intercity train. In many cases, you’ll get to your destination reasonably fast. Taking the train induces less […]