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Hoi An: A Revived Old Beauty

Four hours after leaving the onetime imperial capital of Hue, we arrived at the outskirts of our final destination in central Vietnam. The pockmarked roads were quite a contrast to the smooth streets of Da Nang, the country’s third largest city. We were in fact […]


The Custodian of Champa’s Treasures

For centuries, the mountainous region of modern-day central Vietnam was a natural border separating the land of the Cham people in the south from that of Dai Viet to the north. With towering peaks that soar from the country’s interior all the way to the […]


Da Nang and the Friendly Dragon

A Vietnamese restaurant located in a once-lively mall in a gentrified neighborhood of Jakarta has for years become my choice whenever I crave food from the Southeast Asian country. It was where my parents tried their first pho several years ago (which my father, unsurprisingly, […]


Hue Tombs: Opulence for Eternity

Beginning in the early 19th century, much of present-day Vietnam was once again unified after being divided by rivaling feudal lords for centuries. The Nguyen dynasty, the last dynasty in the history of Imperial Vietnam, ruled the country for more than one hundred years, a […]


Hue Citadel: Echoes of Imperial Vietnam

Beginning in the 15th century in a land known today as Vietnam, Dai Viet – an empire of the Viet people from the north – which had successfully defeated their long-time rival, the Chams, expanded their territory further south. Quite the opposite of the Hindu-influenced […]


My Son: Beauty in Desolation

Indochina, a region that comprises most of Mainland Southeast Asia, has been both an entrepot and battleground of influences from two ancient superpowers in Asia, India and China as the region’s name suggests. Coined in the early 19th century, the term has been used to […]


Enchanting Vietnamese Water Puppet Show

Puppets are one of the most widely-used tools in many cultures around the world, whether for ceremonial or entertainment purposes, and Vietnam is no exception. Originated from northern part of the country, the water puppets used to be played on rice fields after harvesting season. As […]


Harmony at The Great Temple of Cao Dai

After 3 posts related to Vietnam War, now it’s time for a post about harmony. So many people have talked about the importance of harmony, the beauty of peace, the sweetness of togetherness, and so on and so forth. But in Vietnam, some people really did […]


Reunification Palace: The Place Where Vietnam War Ended

Reunification Palace was originally used as the presidential palace of South Vietnam. Just like any other presidential palace in the world, it has various chambers for different purposes. Architecturally speaking, in my opinion it’s not that fascinating, though. But some chambers have artistically interesting decoration. […]