My 7 Links – A Quick Look to My Old Posts

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I’ve been writing my travel blog for about a year. Honestly when I wrote my first post I had no clue how to write a nice-reading post. Then I started reading some travel blogs which I found interesting, and follow some of them. By reading various travel blogs I learned what a makes a post interesting (well, everybody has their own ways to make their posts worth reading). One of those blogs which I follow is Wandering The World by John. I must admit that he is one of the most inspiring travelers which I have found on the internet so far. He not only captured beautiful pictures and wrote nice stories, but most importantly he has traveled to countries which only relatively few other travelers have gone. Places like Nigeria, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc are definitely not in most people’s lists. Yet, John has shown us that those countries are beyond what we always watch, listen or read from the media. There are great people and amazing places in those countries which are hidden from the world’s radar, waiting to be discovered by the most passionate travelers.

So, speaking of following other travel blogs, I have noticed that some people have this thing called “My 7 Links” or simply “7 Links” project/award on one of their posts. I learned that this thing was created so that travel bloggers can bring up their old but worth-reading posts to their new readers. You cannot just write a post of “My 7 Links” without being nominated by other travel blogger (who he/she himself/herself has also been nominated by another travel blogger), and what made me feel honored is because it’s John himself who nominated me to participate in this “My 7 Links” project.

Actually within a few months from now I will be traveling to some other interesting places. But since I’ve already got this My 7 Links, then I’ll pick up 7 posts out of 38 posts in my blog so far. Without further ado, here are My 7 Links:

1) My Most Beautiful Post

Inside The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew Compound

When I visited The Thai Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, I was blown away by its sheer grandeur. It might not be the biggest royal palace in the world, but in my opinion it is definitely one of the most exquisite palaces of all. I took many photographs there and really like some of them. I didn’t remember that day as a hot and humid day, but rather a perfect day instead with clear sky. The sun shone brightly towards every part of Wat Phra Kaew and graciously reflected by glittering tiles of the entire buildings compound.

2) My Most Popular Post

Ta Prohm

So far, the post about Ta Prohm is undoubtedly the most popular post in my blog. On the day when I wrote it actually I was just expecting to get a typical 20-30 views to my blog (based on previous daily regular views). However, about one hour after I posted it, suddenly I noticed that the comment counter in my blog’s dashboard kept counting new comments every second! I instantly thought “Could this mean that I’ve been Freshly Pressed?”. Then I checked WordPress’ Freshly Pressed page and there it was, my post about Ta Prohm was there with some other posts from other blogs. It was excitingly shocking! (if there is such expression), and because of that my daily blog views grew from just 20-30 views to a whopping 5800 views that day alone.

3) My Most Controversial Post

The Names of The Deceased Ones

I don’t think I have written anything too controversial yet. But there is one place which I wrote in my blog that most people think is a weird place to go, that is the Manila’s Chinese Cemetery. Every time I met a Filipino and told him/her that I’ve been to Manila and also visited the cemetery, he/she would definitely raised his/her eyebrows for being amazed and trying to understand why would anyone go to Manila to see the cemetery. Well, I’ve seen images of Manila Cemetery before I visited the city. What makes me interested in visiting that particular place is because of the fact that people do live on the cemetery, literally. They play among the tombs, watch television right next to a tomb, etc. However it is a huge place and visiting the whole area in just a single day might not be enough. When I went there, I got off a Metro station which on the map seemed very near to the cemetery (later I found out that I entered the cemetery from the other gate which leads to the graveyard for Manila’s super rich people, completely opposite to the part which I originally intended to go).

4) My Most Helpful Post

Colorful Old Buildings in Kuala Lumpur

I’ve been thinking for a while to decide which of my posts is most helpful since I don’t think there is a single post which is that helpful. However I think my post about Kuala Lumpur did help a few people to some extent. It was my first time abroad by myself, and it has made some of my friends think that they can also go for a solo trip abroad (or at least I think so). I’ve also been informed that this post also helped a friend of my cousin’s who went to Kuala Lumpur. So, I think it’s pretty legit to say that this is my most helpful post. Hopefully in the future I can make some more helpful posts about interesting places around the world.

5) A Surprisingly Successful Post

Fatahillah Museum

When I don’t travel I try to write something about places near the city where I live in, or, the city itself. Since I currently live in Jakarta, then I decided to write a post about Jakarta’s most interesting quarter, that is the old town quarter. It turned out that my post has made some people want to visit Jakarta. Something I never imagined would happen before due to Jakarta’s notorious traffic. However Jakarta can be a very interesting city, only if you know where and when to go and what to do.

6) My Most Under-Rated Post

Inside Cao Dai Temple

Cao Dai temple is one of the most bizzare and exotic things that I have witnessed so far. The blend of world’s religions into a single system of faith is something I never thought could happen, yet it is what exactly Caodaism is all about. Harmony in the most eccentric way. When I wrote the post about it I thought that this subject could be very interesting, but it turned out it didn’t get too much attention. However I still recommend this place as one of the sites that must be visited when you travel to Ho Chi Minh City.

7) The Post I Am Most Proud Of

Borobudur Temple

One of my earliest posts in this blog was about Borobudur and Prambanan Temples in Java, Indonesia. After I wrote it, I got some nice comments saying how interesting the temples are. I know that Angkor Wat in Cambodia is much more famous than those Javanese temples. So, when I wrote that post, I’m quite proud for being able to introduce one of the most interesting places in Indonesia.

Those are My 7 Links and according to tradition I have to nominate other travel bloggers to write their own My 7 Links. These are some travel blogs which I nominate to participate in My 7 Links project:

1) Act of Traveling. Emiel seems to be a normal guy from The Netherlands who has a decent career and a happy small family. However, his family is not like many others. Since he was young, Emiel has already been passionate about traveling and learning other cultures from places such as Japan (among other countries which he has visited). But not only him, his wife is also a traveler at heart and they had their first trip together to Peru. Now, they share their passion for traveling with their beloved children because they believe (which I also believe) that traveling is the one of the best (if not the best) investment that you can give for your children. They can learn about new cultures to broaden up their mind and have fun at the same time. This happy family has traveled to places like Thailand, India and Morocco and they proved to everyone that having children shouldn’t stop anyone from traveling because traveling itself is a great way to raise children. When raised in multicultural environments, in the future children will more likely have better understanding about different cultures and therefore become better citizens of the world.

2) Bruce Peck Adventures. I met Josh and Sasha on the same tour bus to Cao Dai Temple and Cu Chi Tunnel in Vietnam, but we didn’t have any conversation until lunch time. He started the conversation and from that time we talked about so many things. They are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met when traveling abroad. I found out that after marriage they travel around the world for one year and also have worked in some countries which they visited. Their journey has not over yet, and currently they are in China.

3) yTravel Blog. Caz is an Australian young woman who has a great passion for traveling. She made her first trip abroad to Indonesia and explored the country even to some off-the-beaten tracks (one of them includes an adventure to Sumatra’s lush jungle where she was lucky to avoid being an easy prey for a tiger). Now she is married and has a little daughter who will likely share her passion for traveling one day. She also shared some useful information and tips about various subjects on traveling which can be very handy.

Travel does open up your mind and horizon. So keep up the spirit to travel and explore new places around the world!

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Based in Jakarta, always curious about the world, always fascinated by ancient temples, easily pleased by food.

29 thoughts on “My 7 Links – A Quick Look to My Old Posts”

    • I love reading all your Indonesia and Malaysia posts- being from the area you are somewhat of a specialist I think 🙂 we will be travelling to Malaysia, borneo, java and east timor this summer so your posts add to the excitement!


      • Thanks! And I’m glad my posts do that to you. 🙂 Actually there are still a lot of places in Indonesia that I have yet to visit, but I’m planning to explore more of what the country has to offer within a few years’ time. Good luck with your travels and drop me a message if you need any information! 🙂


    • Haha..well, it also happened that I’ve been nominated in this My 7 Links project. So, here it is, a quick look back..


  1. Dian Wijayanti says:

    Subscribed to this blog ever since I spotted your blog in the Freshly Pressed, and I’m excited to read your posts about places in Indonesia! I think it’s a great way to introduce this country to the world. I’m not a traveler myself, but I’d definitely refer to #4 in this post if I ever wanted to do a solo backpacking one day! I think this 7 links is very interesting. Oh, btw, you know, you could join a blogging community in facebook (if you’re in fb as well) and I’m sure there are plenty others who’d be interested to read your travelling blog!


    • Thanks Dian! Ever since that day when one of my posts was being Freshly Pressed, I have received so many lovely comments and also encouragement to travel more. I’m also very eager to promote Indonesia’s beautiful corners because it is a very huge country, yet so many people know so little about it (tiny Singapore is way more popular!). Joining a blogging community sounds interesting. I might try it!


  2. What a great collection! Asia is our most favorite travel destination, so you can imagine how much I love reading these stories. Recently I also wrote about the Cao Dai temple in Vietnam, a truly stunning piece of architecture and very interesting religion.

    Big thanks for nominating my blog! I have already started writing down my 7links. Keep on writing beautiful travel stories!


  3. Fabulous! I truly hope I can see these parts of the world someday…actually I know I will! My next trip overseas is to China next month. Should be interesting!


    • I bet you’ll have a great experience in China. When I go to China one day, I wish to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Yangshuo, Xi’an, Jiuzhaigou and Tibet, among other places. I will be expecting your stories and pictures of China then!


  4. Gretel says:

    Congrats for the 7 links award Bam.. it’s a great post.. btw, it’s actually surprised me that you didn’t nominate that mrmrsglobetrot website that you’ve been telling me in this past few months.. btw, i just bought an SLR, teach me how to use that thing on Monday kay.. lol


    • Thanks Gret! Well, that blog was also one of few blogs which I considered when nominating for this My 7 Links project. Deciding which blog to nominate was a tough job!
      Wow, that’s fast! I will surely tell you how to use it. But don’t expect any professional advice from me since I’m no expert yet 🙂


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  6. The picture of the Borobudor Temple is just stunning. I remembered my Asian History book that shows a blurry/black and version of that historical temple. Looking at the pictures you have on this blog really makes me more appreciate history. I mean really. It’s actually my second favorite subject after English.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Bama. I wish I could also capture even just some of these historical places when fate gives my bonus. Haha …


  7. The picture of the Borobudor Temple is just stunning. I remembered my Asian History book that shows a blurry/black and white version of that historical temple. Looking at the pictures you have on this blog really makes me more appreciate history. I mean really. It’s actually my second favorite subject after English.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Bama. I wish I could also capture even just some of these historical places when fate gives my bonus. Haha …


    • I used to hate history, but when I was in high school I started to like it. Now, I can’t understand why some people hate history, haha. It’s like reading a novel.


  8. Precisely! That’s what I love about it too. My interest is aroused by the names and dates I have to memorize and the events that I need to understand like what’s the impact of the same to the country’s downfall or the opposite. Pretty interesting!


  9. Nice post Bama. This maybe old post but really help me to see your previous travel posts. You are really a good writer, really enjoy your writing a lot! (and I won’t be surprise if your article will be in Freshly Pressed again someday)


  10. Good insight here Bama. I was interested to learn of your Freshly Pressed increase of traffic. I had 4 referals from Freshly Pressed the other day. Hahaha, just 4. 😮 I wish I had that amount of traffic like you did.


    • The thing about traffic when you’re Freshly Pressed is it’s as unpredictable as when you’ll get FP’ed. Don’t worry about traffic, Lee. Just enjoy what you do. 🙂


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