Bali: Revisited

Asia, Indonesia

Jimbaran Beach

It was not until last October that I finally stepped on the world famous island of Bali for the first time. Since then, like many other people who have visited Bali, I have made a love affair with the island. However, unlike the first visit, for my second time going to the island I was determined to see more of Balinese culture.

Stray Dogs Foraging for Foods

So, off I went on this year’s Christmas holidays for a three-day exploration of the island. But on my first day I decided to go to a couple of beaches just to lie down and relax while listening to the calming sound of the waves. First I went to Jimbaran, a usually packed-with-tourists beach which turned out to be quite empty when I was there. I like less crowded places. However, for me Jimbaran beach doesn’t look as idyllic as some other beaches that I’ve been to in Bali. Therefore I decided to try a new beach for me, Dreamland. The name definitely sounds appealing. But since I went there during holiday season, so I’ve already anticipated to see large number of tour buses and groups of local and foreign tourists flocking this spot, which they did. Nevertheless, after walking quite a long way from the crowd, I found a remote and quiet piece of Dreamland where I only met less than five other people around.

Turquoise Water at Dreamland Beach

A More Secluded Part of Dreamland

Not much to tell about Bali’s beaches this time because hitting the blue water is not my main interest on this visit. So, expect more posts about interesting Balinese cultural activities and places to come, soon.

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16 thoughts on “Bali: Revisited”

  1. Pertamax gan.. :p

    Eh, rate Jimbaran abis berapa kira2? PM aja kali ya jawabnya.. Hehe.. :p Have fun there dude! 🙂


  2. Fiona.q says:

    how long did you listen to the waves? and what popped on your mind at that time? (just curious…)


    • Hmmm I think I did that for about half an hour. But honestly at that time my mind wandered here and there. I was curious how long I’ve been there because I need to check in to the hotel. It also popped in my mind about my itinerary during my second visit to Bali. I couldn’t just empty my mind 🙂
      But the sound of the waves did make me relax, in a way.


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  11. Pandu says:

    Dreamland dreamland dreamland!! the last time I went to Bali, I planned to go to dreamland, BUT……I didn’t find it! *DOH!


    • Hahahaha…tumben!!!
      It’s located in Pecatu Region. If you go to Uluwatu from Kuta, you will find a huge statue of Garuda & Wishnu on your right. That’s the entrance to the entire complex. But it’s a huge complex, finding your way to Dreamland can be quite tricky. Just ask the security guards for direction.


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