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Reminiscing the Old Normal

Covid-19 is continuing to take its toll. Not only has the disease claimed more than 520,000 lives, but it has also brought the world’s economy to a standstill. As countries across the globe begin to publish the latest figures of their economic indicators, it becomes […]


Ancol: Dreaming of Blue Skies

Rainy season has officially arrived in Jakarta, after a prolonged dry season which rendered a lot of parks and gardens in the city brown and barren. Those which received a regular watering schedule, either from the city government or from local community associations, fared slightly […]


10 Years in Jakarta

How much can a city change in ten years? If it’s physical appearance we’re talking about, unless it is Dubai, Singapore or places in China, the changes – notably the skyline – in most cities are usually not too palpable. But how much can a […]


A Tale of Three Cities: Jakarta

What is there to love about Jakarta? That was a question I asked myself when I first moved to the city back in 2008. The city’s traffic has been consistently ranked among the worst in the world for many years. In my first few years […]


Anniversary of the Big Durian

“I don’t want to work in Jakarta. Living there seems very stressful.” Those were the words I said to my friends back when we were still in college in Bandung, a big city with temperate climate surrounded by mountains and hills in West Java. At […]


Tracing Jakarta’s History

  Horrendous traffic. Gray sky. Choking air. It is not a surprise why Lonely Planet says Jakarta is a city many find it hard to love. With more than 10 million people sprawling over narrow streets, dense neighborhoods and filthy riverbanks, many struggle for a […]


Jakarta on A Sunday

“Is there any skyscraper in Jakarta?”. That question still resounds in my head until now even though it has been almost five years since my cousin’s friend, Daniel, posed us that question on our way from the airport to the city center. Since I don’t […]