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Out of the Archipelago

After three months exploring Indonesia, from Sabang (Indonesia’s westernmost city) to the Banda Islands (where nutmeg originates) in the eastern part of the country, James and I traveled across Southeast and South Asia to continue retracing the ancient Spice Route. The journey took us to three […]


The Sri Lankan Train Misadventures

  “You should take the train. Buses sometimes topple.” Taking the heed from the guest house’s owner the previous day, I find myself in the middle of a chaotic district in Colombo where dilapidated buildings and a thronged market confound even the locals. The Fort […]


Kandy: More Than Eye Candy

In a late afternoon after an almost three-hour train journey from Colombo, I arrive at Kandy train station. It is already dark which is never the best time to come to a place completely new. But I am lucky to meet a nice person in […]


A Dream Palace, Sigiriya

Two amiable men in white shirts smile at me when the car approaches the drop point, near the entrance to Sigiriya Rock Fortress ─ probably the most prominent landmark of the island nation of Sri Lanka. As soon as I get off the car, the […]


Polonnaruwa: A Timeless Elegance

Almost like reacting to the sound of an alarm, I wake up just at the right time when we arrive at another Sri Lankan ancient town, Polonnaruwa. The sound of rushing water in a canal where local men and women bathe to escape the scorching […]


Fresco Deco of Dambulla

Suresh drives the old minivan with a constant speed, en route to Anuradhapura. It is still hours away from noon, yet I have already felt so sleepy. Suddenly Suresh talks to me while pointing his finger at a rugged landscape to my left. “The cave […]


Anuradhapura: Among The Giant Stupas

In the scorching heat of early June – one of the hottest months in a year, my driver, Suresh, skillfully drives the old non-airconditioned minivan through every turn and crossroads of Sri Lanka’s intercity highway. He has been doing his job for more than ten years […]


Colombo: Tickling The Senses

Noisy streets and old buses spewing thick fumes welcome me from the airport to Colombo, Sri Lanka’s largest city. Like in other big cities in developing countries, modest houses and buildings line the wayside, tarnished by the sun’s heat and pollution. Drivers of vehicles at […]


Five Colors from What an Amazing World!

Recently James from Plus Ultra has kindly nominated me to join the Capture the Colour photo competition run by The idea is to choose five original shots from your travels, each one representing the colors blue, green, yellow, white and red, and publish them […]