Five Colors from What an Amazing World!

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Recently James from Plus Ultra has kindly nominated me to join the Capture the Colour photo competition run by The idea is to choose five original shots from your travels, each one representing the colors blue, green, yellow, white and red, and publish them in a blog post. Visit the link above for more information on how to participate. Note that you don’t need to be nominated to take part in the competition.

Blue: Bangkok, Thailand

One of The Guardian Statues at Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew at the heart of Old Bangkok is a place embellished with jewels, ornaments and paints of different colors, making it one of the most colorful places I have ever been to. Among diverse statues adorning the temple’s courtyard, dvarapala (guardian) statues are the most prominent. Sitting near the entrance to the courtyard, this blue-faced guardian statue with the background of a perfect blue sky stares down to every visitor entering the temple.

Green: Samosir Island, Indonesia

Children Going Home After School

It was a Saturday afternoon on Samosir Island, a tranquil island located right at the center of an ancient massive caldera in the northern part of Sumatra. Like in many other places in Asia, rice is the staple in this pristine island. As I rode the motorbike through Samosir’s small roads, I noticed five schoolchildren walking across rice fields filled with green paddies. They might not realize how blessed they are living in a fertile land where their staple is planted right in the neighborhood.

Yellow: Samosir Island, Indonesia

East Meets West, A Tomb in Samosir Island

Still on Samosir Island, where Christianity is the predominant religion, this is the tomb of a European missionary who successfully eradicated the practice of cannibalism among local people. Combining Batak and western decorative elements, this yellow tomb is now venerated among the residents of the island.

White: Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Dambulla Cave Temple

Located near the city of Dambulla at the heart of Sri Lanka, this unusual temple which is spread over five separate caves contains paintings and statues of Buddha in various positions and several Hindu gods at the same time. While the white temple outside the caves hides the colorful interior inside, it is the breathtaking view of the surrounding plains and mountains that awed me.

Red: Singapore

Red Fountain at Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay is Singapore’s display to the world showing its achievements. New attractions have been added since the last decade or so with Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by The Bay as some of the latest additions. When I walked around the bay I noticed this red fountain which was installed to add some colors and accent to the surrounding area. But for me it symbolizes the connection between Singapore – with its predominantly Chinese community – and the modernity it has accomplished, represented by Marina Bay Sands at the background.

And now here are my five nominees:

Jodi from Travels in Transit

Lu from The Unwitting Traveller

Lucy from Loca4Motion

Megan from Soulshine Traveler

Nate from

Good luck to all!

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32 thoughts on “Five Colors from What an Amazing World!”

  1. Great shots Bama! That one of Dambulla is making me very curious about your photos of Sri Lanka… looks like I missed out!


    • Thanks James! I picked that picture of Dambulla in purpose. It’s an intro to my upcoming posts on Sri Lanka. 🙂


    • Hi Shella! When I was looking at my old photos, those two caught my attention and I decided to feature them in this post. Thanks for dropping by!


  2. I love that last shot of the red fountain!

    Have you seen the winners of the color categories? Some of them are so gorgeous… but sadly some seem to be heavily edited. I was hoping the contest would be more for travelers and less for professional photographers. (But maybe I’m just jealous! ;-)).


    • Hey Meghan!
      Thanks a lot! Actually I haven’t seen the winners because I knew I wouldn’t be in it (so yeah, we’re both jealous! ;)).


  3. If you’re planning a trip to paphos car hire is enhanced by visits to the nearby cities of Antibes, Cannes, and Paris. But even still, it’s hard to beat.


  4. I’ve read pretty much all your Thailand posts! Love them.

    I love the way you have captured the culture and vibrant colours. I look forward to reading up on all the other places you visited…you’ve visited so jealous!

    The last pic is amazing, the fountain with such a beautiful background 🙂



    • Thank you for such a nice comment, Ruksana. Southeast Asia is such a nice corner of the world where traveling is easy, cheap, and very rewarding. Hope you’ll travel more often yourself! 🙂


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