War Remnants Museum: Remembering The Atrocities of War

Asia, Vietnam

War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

War. Three letters which have existed thousands of years ago. Three letters which have shaped the destinies of many nations. Three letters which often deemed as the worst thing that can happen to humanity, yet still exists today in many corners of the world.

A Jet Fighter Which Was Used During The War

The most devastating war the world ever witnessed to date is World War II. Peace has taken place in more and more lands, though, ever since the war ended. However, war has not become a word of history, and Vietnam is unfortunately one of the countries which had to devour the bitterness of it.


Vietnam war started in 1955 and ended in 1975 when the Northern troops stormed South Vietnam’s presidential palace (more on this place later). For 20 years, the land of Vietnamese people were bombarded with tons of conventional bombs and chemical weapons. The communist North Vietnam sparked the war in an attempt to conquer the pro-western South Vietnam to unite both countries as a single united Vietnam.

Environmental Damage Caused by Chemical Weapon

Although the war has long ended, the scars remain in the victims. Conventional bombs kill people instantly. But chemical weapons not only capable of killing people, but also destroy the future of those who survived. They left the victims deformed, paralyzed, genetically-mutated and other unthinkable conditions. Some of them might want to choose to get killed instantly during the war rather than living the rest of their lives like that. But some others might be grateful that they survived, therefore they can be living witnesses who can show and tell the world the atrocities of war. So that the world can do better to prevent anything like that from happening again in the future.

Some pictures in the museum are graphic and definitely not for the fainthearted. So, be advised when you visit this place with children.

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4 thoughts on “War Remnants Museum: Remembering The Atrocities of War”

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  3. Nasty museum, if not interesting. If nothing else, it truly shows the resilience and tenacity of the people of Vietnam, and as an American, it also showed the true forgiveness of the people. I’m quite sure Americans would not be so kind. A lesson in the mistakes of history. Hopefully someone will learn from them (other than Vietnam). …I’m not getting my hopes up.


    • It is a very important lesson indeed. Everyone in the world should know what war has brought to this country, so that the same mistakes would not be repeated.
      Anyway, we have to believe in humanity, right? There are still a lot of good people out there.


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