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Flores: From Maumere to Komodo

As the propeller plane flew over the eastern part of the island of Sumbawa – Flores’ big neighbor to the west – Mount Sangeang Api emerged from the Flores Sea, puffing grey smoke from its lava dome. Two weeks earlier the volcano erupted and spewed […]


The Jewel of Eastern Bali

Bali, a land with towering volcanoes and pristine rivers flowing out onto turquoise water of the Indonesian seas. Its fertility not only brought welfare to its residents but also sparked wars between Bali’s many small kingdoms, fighting for as many lands to control as possible. […]


An Oasis In The Concrete Jungle

We step out of Diamond Hill MTR station in Kowloon, walking towards a walled area surrounded by tall housing estates and bordered by overlapping flyovers. A gilded pavilion emerges behind the walled enclosure, standing on a small island in a pond, glowing under the midday […]


Terraces of Life

Nyiur melambai di tepi pantai ǀ Palm leaves waving on the beach Menghias indah wajah tanah airku ǀ Adorning the beautiful face of my homeland Siulan burung di puncak bambu ǀ Birds singing on top of bambo trees Berirama pujaan tumpah darahku ǀ Rhyming with […]


Feeling, Breathing Ubud

We walked through a small alley, lit only by a few lamps mounted on a fence. While passing a small tree something suddenly fell on my head, too heavy to be an insect but too light to be a snake. I bowed my head, shook […]


Walking The Dragon’s Backbone

In a drizzling afternoon we arrive at the entrance to the village of Dazhai to see the famous Longji Rice Terraces. Nestled between mountains and hills with small, rocky rivers carving their way through the deep valleys, this place is a perfect escape from the […]


Inspired by Xingping

In a dimly-lit wooden room with a window looking to the darkness outside, we find our place to stay in a small Chinese town called Xingping. Two men are busy working downstairs, starting to build something with red bricks and mortar. It is already past […]


Picture The World – Indonesia

Indonesia. A country of 17,000 islands, 240 million people and series of volcanoes – some are of the deadliest in history. Volcanoes have always played a vital role in the archipelago, and will always do. Their eruptions brought demise to some civilizations, but also a […]


The Soothing Charm of Luang Prabang

I carefully opened the curtain, peeked out the window and sighed. The day didn’t look too promising. Clouds were hanging over the sky, casting a dim grey hue from above. But it was so quiet, so peaceful. No honking, only a faint noise from nearby […]


The Intriguing Culture of Samosir Island

North Sumatra, especially around Lake Toba and Samosir Island, has been known as the place where Batak people, or simply Bataks, come from and flourish. Physically, Bataks are quite different from other western Indonesians (although to foreign eyes they all look the same). They have […]


Lake Toba: Nature’s Wrath Turned Into Eden

Sumatra, about 60,000 – 70,000 years ago, the largest known explosive eruption on Earth in the last 25 million years occurred. Approximately 2,800 km3 of material was released and most of it was blown to the west.  According to some research and measurements, at one […]