Jakarta on A Sunday

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Jakarta’s Central Business District on A Sunday Morning

“Is there any skyscraper in Jakarta?”. That question still resounds in my head until now even though it has been almost five years since my cousin’s friend, Daniel, posed us that question on our way from the airport to the city center. Since I don’t have any plans this Sunday and I still have to wait another week for my next excursions, I decided to take public transport to go around Jakarta and take some photographs of the skyline because I believe it’s not only Daniel who thinks that way of the city.

Transjakarta Bus, The Fastest and Most Convenient Public Transport in Jakarta

I completely understand when people talk about Jakarta usually what comes first in their mind is the image of an insane traffic jam. Then air pollution follows suit. Then poverty and so on and so forth. True, those things are indeed parts of everyday life in Jakarta. As the economic powerhouse of Indonesia, the city annually draws thousands of people coming in from all corners of the country to seek a better fortune. Some people succeed, some are not that lucky. The constant influx of people has gradually overwhelmed Jakarta’s social and environmental support systems. As a matter of fact, after being hit the hardest than any other country during 1997/98 Asian financial crisis, infrastructure development in Indonesia was in limbo for almost a decade. Only after some painful but much-needed reforms during the 2000s, Indonesia’s economy has been starting to gain momentum again for the last five years or so. This has led to the booming of high-rise building development, among other things, making Jakarta a dynamic and thriving place again.

Jakarta’s skyline is changing fast (some pictures of Jakarta also appeared on one of my old posts), but compared to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai or even Kuala Lumpur, skyscrapers in Jakarta are relatively modest in height (Wisma 46 still holds the record at 250 m).  However more and more stylishly designed buildings are being built in the city, adding an appealing accent to the previously monotonous concrete jungle.

Sleek and Slender vs Lego Blocks

My first intention going out this Sunday was to take some photographs of those eye-catching buildings. However, since it is currently rainy season in Jakarta and the sky was not that picturesque, I finally decided to take some pictures of other interesting things instead. Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

Colorful Graffiti

Darker-Themed Graffiti

The Creative Team (I Guess)

Pinky Creature

Yellow and Red

Creatures Born from Imagination

Newly Installed Large LED Display at Mal Taman Anggrek

Which Keeps Changing Colors

Loving Jakarta

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26 thoughts on “Jakarta on A Sunday”

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  2. Excellent post! I love your info on Jakarta too. Graffiti is always a great picture! Where in Indonesia are you from exactly?


    • Thanks Nicole! Graffiti can always brighten up a city’s face, indeed.
      I was born in Semarang, the capital of Central Java Province. But I grew up in different cities across Indonesia since my father’s work requires him to move from one city to another every 5-7 years. But now I live and work in Jakarta, while my parents live in Semarang, right where I was born.


    • Thanks Madhu!
      Actually Jakarta has some more interesting buildings. But unfortunately the sky didn’t befriend me last Sunday.
      However that means you can expect a post on Jakarta’s eye-catching buildings in my blog later 🙂


  3. Looks like the city streets of Manila can so “coalesce” with Jakarta’s. Traffic jam, urban art (which is pretty interesting to me) are just few of the what makes our cities one.


    • You’re right, Sony! When I went to Manila I found so many similarities between the two cities. Only the people speak different language 🙂


  4. This is a wonderful post!!! I love the pictures and info you write about and hope to visit Jakarta soon! I will be keeping up with your adventures fellow traveler!


    • Thanks!!! Within a few weeks/months I will be visiting more interesting places around Asia. Be sure to follow the stories! 🙂


    • Actually I was a little bit confused whether they are graffiti or mural. But I decided to go with graffiti. 🙂 Thanks!


  5. Oh noo I kinda miss Jakarta now after reading this post. Especially seeing the first and last picture there! GI and TA!


    • I didn’t realize it before. GI and TA, the only two malls that you know quite well during your short stay here 🙂


  6. yayy! there’s not a lot of people (bloggers / travelers) who appreciate Jakarta. Most of them would just skip it and say only bad things about it.


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