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Korean Food: Colors and Textures

It was nine or ten years ago when I first had a Korean dish which, unlike Japanese food, was something I wasn’t too familiar with. At a food court in one of Jakarta’s luxury malls, the colorful look of bibimbap piqued my interest the most […]


A Smokey Business in Kaliasin

Red, spicy and addictive. Sambal Panggang Pe (smoked ray covered with ground chili paste and spices) look not only visually appealing, but also menacing to some for its generous spread of chilies. Widely available throughout Central and East Java, Sambal Panggang Pe is highly popular […]


Sasak Dishes: A Twist in Taste

As an attempt to immerse myself in the local culture every time I travel, sampling local dishes is always on my must-do list. Many times I was impressed and delighted with the richness and uniqueness of the flavors I tasted. Or lahm in Laos and shish kebab in Turkey were some […]