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Bandung Part 2: Art Spaces

Having two parents with opposing views of the arts has not always been easy for me. My mom, who used to teach at a traditional Javanese dance school founded by her late father, understandably has a strong artistic calling. She taught me how to sing […]


Bandung Part 1: Civic Spaces

The city of Bandung – Indonesia’s fourth largest with over 2.5 million residents – since 2002 has become one of the most special places for me in the country, and will remain so, thanks to the five years I spent there for college and running […]


Paris of Java, Past and Present

Asia, late 19th century. The long-contending British and Dutch colonial forces have by now settled on their respective colonies. The British realm in this part of the world was unrivaled, straddling vast swathes of land from the entire Indian subcontinent (modern-day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and […]


On The Bank of A Prehistoric Lake

Bandung has been a popular choice of respite for Jakartans since 2005 when the highway connecting both cities was inaugurated. Every weekend cars with Jakarta plates roam Bandung’s narrow and maze-like streets, often driving local people crazy. However, that brings huge economic opportunities for the […]