Karma Kandara and Nammos Beach

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An Afternoon at Karma Kandara

In my previous posts I have mentioned about beaches and fun places in Bali. Now, if you want to go to a beautiful beach which has fun, yet relaxing ambiance, I recommend you to go to Nammos beach at Karma Kandara resort. This place is unlike any other place I’ve ever been.

Imagine a nice Greek cobblestone-walled bar with bright and soft colors everywhere you look at. Imagine staring at the vast Indian Ocean with a stunning sunset view. Imagine going from a cliff top to a white sand beach at the same place. Imagine monkeys playing around you and jumping from one place to another. Imagine a nice and serene beach with a waterfall cutting the cliff behind. That’s all you will get at Nammos beach at Karma Kandara. Wait, make no mistake, I am not paid at all by Karma Kandara, no, not even a cent. I wrote this simply because I was blewn away by what was laid before my eyes at this place.

To go to Karma Kandara you have to get off the main road which connects Kuta and Uluwatu. The small road then brings you deep into a calm village with relatively less touristed atmosphere. Just follow the seemingly getting smaller road, then out of nowhere you will find the humble entrance to Karma Kandara and Nammos beach. Walk towards the signage which leads to the beach and you will first see this Greek-influenced bar that I mentioned before, which is called Veritas. Jump in the pool if you want and enjoy the spectacular view from the edge of the pool.

Veritas Bar

Pool at Karma Kandara

After that, go down to the beach by riding a small elevator which can only fit about 5 people at the same time. Along the long way down, you will likely see monkeys playing around. Long long way down, you will finally see a tropical hut which also serves as the entrance to the beach. By the time you stepped out of the hut, you will likely have noticed the sound of a small but high waterfall behind you. Next, just enjoy this paradise!

The Railway and A Glimpse of Nammos Beach from Above

Monkeys Along The Way Down

A View of The Railway from The Beach

Sunset at Nammos Beach…

…And A Few Minutes Later

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24 thoughts on “Karma Kandara and Nammos Beach”

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  2. julianus ricky says:

    One word out from my mouth..wow..another good sunset pict u get..ambil ahhh


  3. Rach says:

    Beautiful sunset photography 🙂 It does look fantastic, but sadly at 750 US Dollars a night, it isn’t in the budget of most holiday makers.


    • Thanks! But actually you don’t have to stay at the hotel to enjoy the sunset because the beach is actually open for public.


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  5. Anonimous says:

    Only a small clarification

    Nammos Beach is NOT a private beach. There are no private beaches in Bali (Neither Nusa Dua beaches are private)

    To access Nammos beach you can use the cable owned by the Karma Kandara (for which non guests pay Rp. 250,000 which can then be partly used to pay at their restaurant) but you can also access the beach for free with a stone staircase (with handrail) of 343 steps just on the left side of the security main entrance.

    Karma Kandara and Nammos Beach Club is a unbeatable option for both an idillyc isolated landscape and the top end quality of their luxury services, but they don’t own the beach.


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