Sweet Reminiscence of Tidung Islands

Asia, Indonesia

A Lonesome Boat at The Shore of Tidung Kecil

A few months ago I shared the story of my fun trip to Tidung Islands which is located not far from Jakarta’s shoreline. Today when I took a look at my photo albums in my laptop, I noticed some photographs which I really want to share but didn’t do it at the first place. So, in this post I share some of them for you to enjoy. Other travel blogs have their own Photo Friday, then consider this as my (unplanned) Photo Friday. Have a great weekend!

Dried Coconuts (From Days-Old Dark Colored Coconuts to Fresh Green Ones)

A Sleepy Cat…

…Who Finally Slept on My Feet

A Tree Branch which Looks Like A Buffalo’s Head

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Based in Jakarta, always curious about the world, always fascinated by ancient temples, easily pleased by food.

18 thoughts on “Sweet Reminiscence of Tidung Islands”

  1. julianus ricky says:

    Kirain ke tidung lagi bam..itu foto yg terakhir sampe gw puter2 ga tau mana atasnya mana bawahnya..what an amazing world indonesia..


      • julianus ricky says:

        I really want to go there tapi kata temen saya mesti barengan kesananya minimal 5orang biar murah..hmmm padahal sendiri juga hayuk..menghabiskan weekend


      • lol. then i must be cute as well… p.s. the idea of bringing your parents to SG is wonderful! take the action, man 😉


      • Well, it’s still a plan. I will definitely write a post about it when it happens.


  2. Nice shot of the cat yawning. And the tree branch does look like it’s about to attack you, or do something equally sinister.


    • Thanks Lauren! That cat yawned all the time! All he did was following me only to rest his head on my foot whenever possible.
      The branch would look more intriguing if I made it into silhouette. You wouldn’t know that it’s actually a tree branch.


  3. Lovely photos again! Also, I passed by to tell you that I’m back home from my trip, and thanks for encouraging me to visit Cambodia. It’s my favorite Asian country so far!!! P.S Siem Reap was Epic!


    • Thanks Jodi! I’m really glad (and relieved!) that you like Cambodia because otherwise I will be the one responsible for giving a wrong suggestion. 🙂


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