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Sasak Dishes: A Twist in Taste

As an attempt to immerse myself in the local culture every time I travel, sampling local dishes is always on my must-do list. Many times I was impressed and delighted with the richness and uniqueness of the flavors I tasted. Or lahm in Laos and shish kebab in Turkey were some […]


Lombok Beaches Part 1: Changing Faces

“This is how Kuta Bali might have looked like decades ago,” James expressed his concern over the more well-known Kuta when we arrived at the other Kuta in Bali’s neighboring island of Lombok. I nodded, agreeing after witnessing myself what reckless mass tourism has done […]


The Unforgiving Rinjani

“It looks so forbidding!” James says with his eyes deeply contemplating at the summit of Mount Rinjani, piercing the sky above the island of Lombok. From the crater rim, the afternoon sun illuminates the very top of the volcano, giving a golden hue to the […]