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Out of the Archipelago

After three months exploring Indonesia, from Sabang (Indonesia’s westernmost city) to the Banda Islands (where nutmeg originates) in the eastern part of the country, James and I traveled across Southeast and South Asia to continue retracing the ancient Spice Route. The journey took us to three […]


Shwedagon: More Than Just Another Pagoda

You cannot say you have visited Yangon if you haven’t gone to Shwedagon Pagoda. I mean it. For most people, Southeast Asia is a wonderful place with so many beautiful temples scattered throughout the region. But after traveling around for a while, some might frown […]


Yangon: A City-Sized Time Capsule

Dark-colored mountains covered in mist emerge from afar. Green rice paddies stretch as far as my eyes can see. Tiny glimmering golden pagodas mark some spots amidst the green tapestry. No skyscrapers, only houses and other low-rise structures. When the plane landed on the runway […]