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Istanbul’s Roman Footprints

The 55 stone steps take me to a vast underground opening where rows of floodlit columns are partially submerged under the clear freshwater. Grey fish – some are bigger than a cat and never see the sun – roam around the submerged columns, undisturbed by […]


Istanbul, A Prologue

Crisp winter air caresses my face, a delightful sensory sensation after a 14-hour flight escaping the tropical humidity. The sun has just started to peek into the sky a few moments earlier, leaving a warm hue coloring blocks of apartments with bright tint. The minivan […]


A Travel Through Time, Coventry

In a summer afternoon my cousin and I arrive at the Coventry Bus Station, after a 45-minute journey from Birmingham. Contrary to my expectation, the bus station looks unassuming and drab with rather tedious interior, making me wonder if the rest of city looks as […]


Nuremberg: The Ups and Downs

“Nächte Haltestelle, Hauptbahnhof.” The distinct melodious southern German accent from the automatic announcer in the tram signaled my destination, the Nuremberg (German: Nürnberg) central train station which is located in a beautiful Neo-Baroque building and facing the Altstadt (old city). Right across the station lies […]


Awards Season 2012

Receiving an award from other blogger is always a nice thing because that way I know that someone does enjoy reading my blog and furthermore it works as a big support for me to keep writing and sharing stories of places I have traveled (and […]


Versatile Blogger Award (of Mine)

Recently I got this rather surprising yet pleasant news from a fellow blogger, Sony, who nominated me to receive the Versatile Blogger Award. Actually prior to receiving this award, I have known about this Versatile Blogger Award thing. But being nominated for the award itself […]



This is my second post on my newly resurrected blog. As some of you might have learned that I have put this blog into the state of suspended animation for some months. Continuing my previous post about travel, I want to share my trip to […]