Fun, Fun, Fun in Bali!

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World Musicians Memorabilia at Hard Rock Café

Fun! That’s what most people look for when they have a vacation. Bali as Indonesia’s primary tourism destination offers endless possibilities of fun and entertainment for everyone. From typical beach games/amusements, such as slingshot, paragliding, banana boat, snorkeling, and many more, to more relaxing activities, such as golf, dining on a cruise ship, spa, to the notoriously wild and loud night life.

Here are some fun (or supposed to be fun) places and activities which I experienced during my first ever trip to Bali last week:

Hard Rock Café

When I first entered this place, I was instantly captivated by lots of collection of world musicians memorabilia on the wall (there’s no empty space left on the wall, literally). Other than that, since it is a Hard Rock Café then it must play good music (and it did when I was there). Shortly speaking, this is indeed a nice place to hang out with your friends while listening to various bands performing good music.

Bounty Cruise

Basically this is an experience of dining on a cruise ship (a catamaran to be precise). The ship itself leaves Benoa Harbor only to go around and around without ever leaving for the vast sea ahead. In my opinion, there’s nothing really special from this experience. Speaking of the ship itself, it is divided into three levels. Each of them has its own show and plays different music genre. I found the first level a bit boring because it plays songs that belongs to my father’s generation. The second level is slightly better than the first one because it plays easy-to-listen songs (imagine a group of people who play guitar and banjo and wear Hawaiian shirts, that’s what you’ll get). I found myself to be most comfortable with the third level which is also the uppermost level. There are two reasons for this: it plays really great music and I can take nice photographs from up there.

Bali Bounty Cruise Catamaran

How The First Level Looks Like

A Ship Crew a.k.a. The DJ Playing His Turntable on The Third Level

Potato Head

There’s no shortage whatsoever of nice clubs and lounges in Bali. However if you want to go to more exclusive and comfortable upper-class lounges which offer great ambiance, you can go to Seminyak region, about 30 minutes away by car from Kuta.

At Seminyak, I went to two places (which actually adjacent to each other but they offer different experience). Potato Head was the first lounge that I went to. From the outside, it has a distinct feature of stacked rustic windows (which looks really cool!). Once I got inside, I was welcome with warm and cozy atmosphere filling the air. Another cool thing (or not-so-cool for some people) about this place is they use vintage wardrobes and furniture at the lounge.

Potato Head’s Façade of Stacked Rustic Windows

The Inner Side of A Potato Never Looked So Good

W Hotel and Resort

Compared to Potato Head, W offers a much exclusive and elegant ambiance. W itself is a five-star hotel with some supporting facilities, including the lounge that I went to. I must say that this place fits better for couples who look for intimate and relaxed atmosphere and not having too many people around. Lie down on one of its cozy seats, order some drinks, and enjoy the sound of the waves from the sea. I felt asleep for a while here!

W at Seminyak

Taman Sari Spa

I never in my life imagined that one day I would go to a spa. But since some of the activities of my recent trip to Bali was mandatory (obliged by the event organizer), then I cannot escape some places that I don’t really want to go. Taman Sari spa is one of those places. Indonesia itself always put spa retreats as one of its top tourism destinations (which is highly favorable, especially by Japanese). In Taman Sari spa, you can have your body massaged by professional masseuse using different techniques. But, I don’t know why I cannot enjoy it (the massage itself felt really good actually, especially around my head). Spa massage? works for many people, but not for me.

Those are some places for fun and entertainment which I happened to visit last week. Now, sit back and relax and enjoy this sunset picture which was taken from the uppermost level of the catamaran that I mentioned before.

Beautiful Sunset

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11 thoughts on “Fun, Fun, Fun in Bali!”

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  2. So my guesses was half right :p

    Potato Head is. I thought W refers to the license plate prefix of Sidoarjo, thought you were landed in Juanda.. :p



  3. julianus ricky says:

    Sunset in bali..ohhh that’s the most important when you go to the take it perfectly bro..kapan ya ke bali??huhuhu like all the picture u captured..remembering when I was there two years ago..but when I’m in kuta, I see the beach little dirty..too black in sand and too hot..haha


    • Enjoying sunset at any beach is always a pleasant thing to do..About Kuta, yes you’re right. A friend of mine who went there two years ago said that back then it was much filthier.
      Fortunately now it is as clean as an unspoiled beach.


      • julianus ricky says:

        Wew..good news then..thanks for the info man..I’m helped by you to making my self-tour next year.I’m waiting for another sunset picture..haha


  4. Pingback: Karma Kandara and Nammos Beach « What an Amazing World!

    • Hahaha..yup..akhirnya…tapi nanti Desember mau ke Bali lagi dan kali ini mau ke tempat2 culturalnya sih…


  5. I’m in Bali right now with my friends and family, and boy, I went to Bounty Cruise this afternoon! Geez! And looking and your newer posts about Bali… Dang! I went to Karma Kandara afterward and took some pics, then reread this post, then I knew I’ll always be second. But whoa, love those places! But my trip with the cruiser went short because a there was rain, and heavier rain afterwards :-/ Then on the trip back to Benoa, the third floor was almost empty :< Sigh. I'll definitely come back! 😀


    • When I went there last week, there’s no day without torrential rain! It ruined some of my plans. But it surely didn’t stop me from having fun 🙂
      Just go back to Bali during dry season. I’m sure you’ll have better time by then.


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